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Last Chance to Get Citizenship of St Kitts and Nevis Under Reduced Investment Level

Sunday 4th February 2018

St Kitts and Nevis is a two Island nation which is part of the Commonwealth and is a member of the Caribbean Community…

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Как быстро получить Британское ПМЖ в качестве Инвестора

Saturday 20th January 2018

Соединенное Королевство во многом считается одним из самых привлекательных мест в Европе для ведения бизнеса, и многие инвесторы предпочитают перемещать свои компании и активы в эту страну. Если Вы намерены инвестировать в Великобританию, то Вам понадобиться инвесторская виза Tier 1. Будучи…

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How to Quickly Settle in the UK as an Investor

Thursday 18th January 2018

The United Kingdom is largely considered to be one of the most attractive places in Europe to do business and many investors prefer to relocate their companies and assets into this country. If your ambition is to invest into the UK, a Tier 1 Investor…

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Extended Family Members Have the Right of Appeal, Again

Tuesday 14th November 2017

In 2016, the Upper Tribunal decided in the case of Sala (EFMs: Right of Appeal : Albania) [2016] UKUT 411 (IAC), that there was no right of appeal against a decision by the Home Office to refuse a residence card to the extended…

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Fairness for Business Expansion of Entrepreneur

Thursday 9th November 2017

The Home Office guidance sheds limited light on the genuine entrepreneur test and how one can satisfy this requirement at the interview stage of the process. So the case of R (on the application of Anjum) v Entry Clearance Officer, Islamabad (entrepreneur - business expansion - fairness…

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Investment in Citizenship – The Newest Trend

Friday 3rd November 2017

Houses, yachts and sports cars are investments of the past - wealthy people are increasingly investing in second citizenship. When the status of a citizen is sold and bought, the passport turns into a symbol that can tell a lot about its…

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Questions and Answers

Tuesday 25th April 2017

We are delighted to offer you our online Question Service. If you have any matters you wish to discuss with us, please leave your comments below.

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