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Sponsorship Duties Compliance Training

Non-compliance with your sponsor duties may result in significant consequences for your company and business. If you want your application for Sponsor Licence to be successful or avoid your licence being degraded or even revoked, you must always comply with the Home Office's requirements. You should ensure that your HR department have proper systems and checks that can effectively manage employment of highly skilled workers from outside the EEA. Our team of professionals offers your business and HR a comprehensive training to keep you up-to-date with your sponsor duties and be prepared for an immigration audit.

Mock Immigration Compliance Check

Once you have made an application for Sponsor Licence, the Home Office will want to come to your company and check if appropriate systems are in place to monitor sponsored employees. It is essential for successful application that you meet all necessary requirements put by the Home Office. If the Home Office is not satisfied you have appropriate systems in place to monitor sponsored employees, your application will be refused and depending on the circumstances on your case you may be barred from applying for another Sponsor Licence.

If you wish to successfully pass the Immigration Compliance Check and be prepared for the Home Office's unexpected visit, we offer you our mock Immigration Compliance Check. Our team will make a visit to your business to check if all appropriate systems are in place and will assess your compliance against the Home Office's criteria. We will identify the loopholes in your system and in the end of the Check, you will be provided with a feedback and advice whether you are likely to pass the real Compliance Check.

Mock Audit Check

If you already hold a Sponsor Licence to employ skilled workers under Tier 2 visa, the Home Office may from time to time visit your business and check if you comply with your responsibilities as a sponsor. This procedure is called an Immigration Audit and is aimed to assess whether your business continues to have appropriate systems in place to monitor sponsored employees. You will be assessed how you can monitor migrant's activities, keep necessary records and prevent illegal working.

Potential consequences of not passing the audit may be the following:

1. Degrading your Sponsor Licence. You will no longer be able to employ new highly skilled workers.
2. Revoking or suspending your Sponsor Licence. You may be required to stop sponsoring your current migrant workers, which means all their visas will be curtailed and they may be required to leave the country.
3. A reduction in a number of Certificates of Sponsorship.

If you wish to be fully prepared for the Home Office's Immigration Audit, we can offer you our mock Audit Check. Our team will make a visit to your business to check if you are compliant with all Home Office's criteria. In the end of the Check, you will be provided with a report on your current state of compliance and the areas for improvement.

We are able to offer you a highly effective mock immigration compliance and Audit Check with your Sponsor duties and prepare you for an audit by the Home Office.

Training on Immigration Compliance

If you already hold a Sponsor Licence or in the process of applying for one, we are able to provide your Sponsor Management Staff and HR training on Sponsor Management System and immigration compliance. This training is provided additionally or alternatively to Mock Immigration Compliance Check and Mock Audit Check. The training is aimed to develop the skills of your Sponsor Management Staff how to work in the Sponsor Management System, allocate Certificates of Sponsorship, supervise and effectively control highly skilled workers employed under Tier 2 visa.

If your business requires to train your key contacts or HR team in any of the below, we are able to provide an effective and business-friendly training service to ensure your business immigration matters are under proper control.

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