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HR Support

Few companies may struggle managing their HR matters without the assistance of a professional HR Manager or any form of HR support. This usually happens due to a lack of time dedicated to do more important business of the company and we understand it. LS Legal Solicitors can provide invaluable HR support with so many areas of people management.

Why does your company needs an HR support?

1. Cost savings

Our services can contribute to cost savings and implementation of an effective HR strategy that can support business goals and make a business more efficient through the planned use of human resources is an invaluable part of business.

2. Provide guidance with employment legislation

Employment legislation is changing constantly and it is hard to keep up with the ever shifting sands that the government dictates. However, it is the role of HR to stay up to date so that they can provide credible, practical advice to those they support. HR should ensure that internal policies and employee handbooks are kept up to date, they are well communicated to the workforce and training is provided to managers in their operation.

3. Help companies manage their staff fairly

Sometimes when the job just needs to be done, it can be hard for managers to recognise the need to treat their people fairly. LS Legal Solicitors can provide much needed support when a manager is struggling with a particular employee problem. Company HR procedures provide much needed guidance and HR can help with their interpretation.

4. Help avoid employment tribunals

LS Legal Solicitors help the companies to keep out of the employment tribunal through sound employment law advice that we can provide. HR procedures should always be followed and processes documented. If a situation is getting out of hand, LS Legal Solicitors can be there to help soothe the situation or can even act as a mediator.

5. Training & development

The development of skills is important for any company's success and growth. LS Legal Solicitors can help support training and development initiatives by assisting with a company-wide skills analysis, developing and coordinating a training plan, identifying training and development initiatives, delivering appropriate workshops or bringing in external training consultants where appropriate. We can work with management to ensure that training and development is both cost and time effective and help them recognise the value that training brings.

6. Recruitment

We can provide support with recruitment processes whilst ensuring that equal opportunities employment legislation is adhered to. LS Legal Solicitors can work with managers to draft adverts, identify an appropriate advertising medium, develop job descriptions, undertake shortlisting, develop interview processes and questions, organise assessment days and ability tests and take part in interviews. We can also provide all the essential supporting paperwork.

7. Employee engagement

Effectively it is the wish of employers to have employees who do their best work and go the extra mile. To do that employees need to be fully engaged with business goals and be motivated to do their best. We may assist you with identification of areas of the business that may need some improvement, for example, induction, reward, management style etc.

8. Help with change

As your business moves on we can support and change management processes in various ways. We can work with senior management to develop a new reporting structure and new job descriptions to provide strategic support. We can also take part in operational consultations with employees affected by the re-structure, advise on redundancy, but also assist with minor changes in the workplace and ensure the correct legal procedure is undertaken.

How can we help you?

LS Legal Solicitors can help you focus on your business by taking care of all or some of your human resources needs. Whether you need help with recruitment, employment contracts, disciplinary hearings or anything a large corporate HR team could provide, LS Legal Solicitors can be of assistance, leaving you free to get on with growing your business.

A professional and knowledgeable HR team can provide services to your business, from taking on the first employee to helping advise on how to do redundancies the right way.

Please contact our firm on 020 81 44 55 88, via email on info@LSLegaLUK.com or use the contact box to discuss your matter or make an appointment.