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Short Term Study Visa

You can apply for a Short-term Study visa to study the English language in the UK. This visa is for English language courses lasting between six and 11 months.

You should use the Student or Child Student routes if you want to come to the UK to study:

• an English Language course that lasts between 6 and 11 months and are under 16;
• an English Language course that lasts longer than 11 months;
• any other course that lasts longer than six months (unless studying for a period of distance learning as a visitor on a course otherwise taught overseas).


To apply for Short Term Study visa, you must prove that:

• you are accepted onto an English language course that lasts 11 months or less and includes no other subjects
• your course is with an accredited institution
• you have enough money to support yourself without working or help from public funds, or that relatives and friends can support and house you
• you can pay for your return or onward journey

If you're under 18, you must also:

• have made arrangements for your travel and stay in the UK
• have the consent of your parent or guardian to study in the UK

Your Course

Your English language course must be with an 'accredited institution'.

The institution can be either:

• an accredited UK institution
• an eligible overseas provider, if you're studying in the UK as part of an overseas course

Accredited UK institutions

An accredited institution must either have a student sponsor licence or have valid accreditation and must meet one of the following criteria:

• be a licensed Student sponsor listed on the Student sponsor register
• hold valid accreditation from:
• Accreditation UK
• the British Accreditation Council (BAC)
• the Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC)
• hold a valid and satisfactory full institutional inspection by one of the following bodies:
• Estyn
• Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education
• Education Scotland
• Office for Students (OfS)
• the Independent Schools Inspectorate
• Ofsted
• the Education and Training Inspectorate Northern Ireland
• be an overseas higher education institution that offers only part of its programmes in the UK

Eligible overseas providers

You can also apply for a Short-term Study visa if you are studying at an overseas higher education institution and part of your English language course is in the UK.

Your institution must:

• hold its own national accreditation
• offer no more than half of its educational programme in the UK
• offer programmes that are equivalent to a UK degree

Tuberculosis Test

If you are applying from outside the UK, you may need to obtain a tuberculosis test certificate unless you are applying from an exempt country.

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