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This page is dedicated to recent news, updates and opinions from LS Legal Solicitors, as well as blogs and discussions.We want to know your opinion on various legal issues and we welcome your participation in our debates.


Wednesday 2nd March 2022
Sergey Kupriienko

The Home Office has made some changes to the immigration system to support British nationals and their families In Ukraine and Ukrainians in the UK, Ukraine and elsewhere. Please note the information is updated on the 2nd of March 2022. TO BRITISH NATIONALS AND DEPENDANTS IN UKRAINE The Home Secretary…

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Start-up and Innovator Visas: funding options for foreign entrepreneurs.

Friday 28th January 2022
Jasmin Bugg

Securing funding for your new company is one of the most challenging aspects of starting and scaling a business. To navigate this complicated…

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How to employ foreign workers in 2022 - a step-by-step guide for the Employer

Thursday 27th January 2022
Jasmin Bugg

In January 2022, The Mayor of London called on the government to create a temporary visa scheme to help with shortages of workers in the construction industry. The final quarter of 2021 saw open vacancies…

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Lottery Winnings and Financial Settlement on Divorce. Our Family Law Expert discusses a recent case on assets disposal after separation.

Monday 24th January 2022
Stella Marat

You have won the lottery but would like to divorce? The excitement of a lottery win may vanish when divorce is involved and there is the prospect of sharing it with a previous partner. If there is a significant win, the resulting financial settlement will likely comprise…

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The United Kingdom is opening its borders to top talent!

Thursday 13th January 2022
Zinaida Berezovskaya

The government is planning to make the UK the most exciting place for talented individuals by creating a global hub for innovation. Part of this strategy is to…

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No visa-free travel to EU for family members of EU citizens residing in the UK

Tuesday 21st December 2021
Sergii Kupriienko

Brexit impacted the rights of the European Economic Area (EEA) nationals residing in the UK in many ways. The UK no longer applies the EU rules on free movement, allowing EEA nationals and their family members to travel…

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Early Settlement Concession for Young Adults (18-24)

Wednesday 1st December 2021
Sergey Kupriienko

Early Settlement Concession for Young Adults (18-24) On 21 October 2021 the Home Office announced an early settlement concession for young…

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Back To School - Studying In The UK And Staying After Graduation

Tuesday 31st August 2021
Jasmin Bugg

As the start of the new academic year approaches, UK universities are preparing to welcome students, returning and new. UK universities have adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic, ensuring student safety remains a top priority while continuing to deliver the world-class teaching the UK is…

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Can I submit an application under the EU Settlement Scheme even though the deadline has now passed?

Monday 2nd August 2021
Elena Lux

We are delighted to inform you that, at present, late applications can be submitted but will only be accepted if there are reasonable grounds for missing the deadline. Therefore, to assess whether your circumstances could count to reasonable grounds, we will need to know what prevented you from applying before…

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July 2021: Changes For UK Business

Friday 30th July 2021
Olga Bakeeva

If you are an employer, the way you hire from outside the UK has now changed. You need to register your business as a licensed sponsor to hire the most eligible people outside the UK. We summarise the essential legislation updates for business owners and answer frequently asked questions…

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What Happens After 30 June 2021?

Monday 28th June 2021
Elena Lux

As the UK continues to adapt to life post-Brexit, the next important date from an immigration standpoint is 30 June 2021. As of 30 May 2021, around…

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Applications submitted under the EU Settlement Scheme after 30 June 2021

Wednesday 14th April 2021
Hifza Nuyani

As many of us know the deadline to apply for pre-settled or settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme is 30 June 2021, there…

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