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British Citizenship

Majority of our clients describe becoming a British citizen as one of their most significant life events. Applying to become a citizen of the United Kingdom is an important decision and commitment. Indeed, British citizenship gives you the opportunity to participate more fully in the life of your local community and society as a whole.

We understand that from the outset and from the very first visa application many of our clients' goal is to eventually become a British Citizen and be inalienable part of the values, traditions and culture of the United Kingdom. We always provide our advice in a way to facilitate your ambitions to become a holder of a British passport.

There are different ways to become a British citizen. We will always advise you what route is most suitable for your application to be successful.

What are the requirements to become a British Citizen?

Depending on your application, different requirements will apply to you. The general requirements for most of the applications are the following:

  • You are of good character
  • You are of sound mind, so that you understand the step you are taking
  • You intend to continue to live in the UK
  • You can communicate in English to an acceptable degree
  • You have sufficient knowledge about life in the UK
  • You have lived in the UK for the required minimum number of years before you apply
  • You meet residency requirements subject to some discretion

How the process works?

If your application for British Citizenship is successful, you will be invited to a ceremony where you have to make an oath of allegiance and a pledge. This means you will promise to respect the rights, freedoms and laws of the UK. After the ceremony you will be presented with your certificate of British citizenship and you officially become a British citizen.

After the ceremony you are entitled to apply for a British passport.

Our promise to you

LS Legal Solicitors is proud to offer you a tailored advice in relation to your application. We will assess your eligibility to become a British Citizen very carefully and will identify the suitable route.

We understand that sometimes you will need to travel while your application is under consideration and our service allows you to keep your travel documents with you at all times. We aim to make your application process as smooth as possible and will offer you to post certified copy of your travel documents.

If you choose our firm in making your application to become a British Citizen, we guarantee you a professional, hassle-free and friendly approach to ensure your smooth transition to British citizenship.

Please contact our firm on 020 81 44 55 88, via email on info@LSLegaLUK.com or use the contact box to discuss your matter or make an appointment.