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July 2021: Changes For UK Business

July 2021: Changes For UK Business

Friday 30th July 2021
Olga Bakeeva

If you are an employer, the way you hire from outside the UK has now changed. You need to register your business as a licensed sponsor to hire the most eligible people outside the UK. We summarise the essential legislation updates for business owners and answer frequently asked questions below.

Sponsorship licence for Employers - before and now

For businesses reliant on a migrant workforce or hoping to access talent from overseas, it is vital to get the sponsor licence. Since 1 January 2021, the licence will be required to sponsor non-EEA and EEA nationals without status under the EU Settlement Scheme.

The good news is that there is no need to conduct the resident labour market test, and the monthly cap for previously called "restricted" certificates was abolished. The certificates are now "defined" or "undefined".

The fundamental changes also have been made to the jobs that can be sponsored in terms of minimum education level and earnings threshold of £26,500 (although this earning threshold might be higher depending on the profession). You might be able to fast-track your application and get a decision within ten working days for an additional charge of £500.

How easy is it to get the sponsorship licence for my business?

It is tricky to obtain a sponsor licence, so no wonder that many applications got refused. As a result, you will lose the application fees, which will vary depending on the licence you require.
Please note that a "cooling off" period" of 12 months is ordinarily applicable after a refusal. Since such a prolonged period will undoubtedly affect your business, you might wish to employ our comprehensive services to take a heavy burden of application preparation off your shoulders and not lose the talent.

Pre-licence compliance visit - what it is and how you can prepare?

Before you get your licence, Home Office might wish to interview key staff named on your application to assess whether your company is suitable to undertake sponsor duties. Visits can also take place after you get your licence. As there are many policies to follow, procedures to be implemented, and specific deadlines to comply with, we can help you set up all requisite processes and provide necessary training to ensure compliance at all stages of the process.

Our Business Concierge Services are an all-in-one solution for your business.

We are well aware of the demands that businesses face and the pressure that builds up if you must introduce all processes from square 1. We are pleased to offer high-quality support services so you can concentrate on what you do best. Incorporating a company, HR & Employment advice, visas and sponsor licenses, accounting services and payroll, opening a bank account, assistance with your contracts and legal documents - all these matters can be taken care of at a competitive rate. We offer different packages to choose from and will be delighted to help you to succeed!

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