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A Look Ahead: Legal Changes Coming in 2023

A Look Ahead: Legal Changes Coming in 2023

Tuesday 24th January 2023

As we look ahead to 2023, it is crucial to stay informed on the legal insights and forecasts that may impact our lives and businesses in the UK. With the government addressing skills shortages while aiming to bring down net migration, we may receive mixed messages on immigration. The recession continues to impact the economy, and we can expect the Home Office to step up compliance activities for sponsors and the right to work.

Immigration - New Services for Sponsors

In 2023 the Home Office in the UK is planning to launch a new service called "Sponsor a visa" as part of its transformation plan. This service will enable visa applicants to begin their application process as soon as their role is approved. The new service will be available early in the year and will provide an efficient and streamlined process for visa applications. Employers must be prepared for this change and adjust their internal procedures accordingly to ensure a smooth transition.

Furthermore the Home Office will introduce improved sponsor license management capabilities through the "Manage a license" service by the end of 2023. This service will give employers greater control and transparency over their sponsor licenses and help them stay compliant with the Home Office's regulations.

In addition the "Become a sponsor" service will be launched in early 2024 providing a simple and user-friendly application process for employers who wish to become sponsors. This service will help employers navigate the complex sponsorship process and ensure that they meet all of the Home Office's requirements.

Overall the Home Office's sponsorship roadmap will inform employers of the latest updates and ensure that they are aware of the new services available to them. Employers should stay informed and take advantage of these new services to make the visa application process more efficient and effective.

Rural visa pilot - Solution to depopulation in UK's rural communities?

In 2023 the government may introduce a new rural visa program to address the depopulation issue in rural communities. This new visa may have relaxed skill level requirements or reduced visa fees for skilled workers, making it easier for people to move to these areas and helping to boost the local economy.

Additionally the government may also make changes to the seasonal worker route for the agricultural sector. This could include an increase in the cap from 30,000 to 45,000, subject to employers meeting specific worker welfare standards. This increase in the cap would mean more workers can come to the UK to work in the agricultural sector and help to meet the increasing demand for seasonal labour.

Overall the government aims to address the challenges facing rural communities and the agricultural sector by making it easier for people to move to these areas and to improve worker welfare standards. Employers in the agricultural industry should stay informed on the latest updates by checking the Home Office's roadmap on immigration routes for the agricultural sector to ensure they are aware of the new services available and how they can benefit from them.

Small business: Rising costs, tax changes and support

Small businesses face rising costs and supply chain issues as the UK enters a recession. In 2023, the government is expected to review the Energy Bill Relief Scheme, with targeted support for vulnerable businesses.

Small businesses should expect changes in tax policies, including a freeze on the tax-free earnings threshold, a decrease in the additional rate income tax threshold, and a reduction in the capital gains tax allowance.

Additionally, there will be a new penalty points system for late VAT submissions and a freeze on multipliers for business rates. Alcohol duty will remain unchanged until August 2023, and the tax return deadline for 2021-22 is on January 31st.

Data Protection - Reforms and Changes in 2023

The UK government plans for the new data protection legislation to be business and consumer-friendly. The intention is to protect consumer privacy, retain data adequacy for the UK and make data protection simpler and clearer for businesses to operate. The government wants to look at countries which achieve data adequacy without having GDPR (Israel, Japan, South Korea, Canada and New Zealand) to focus on growth and common sense. The intention is also to prevent data breaches and cyber-attacks. To quote the governmental officials, the intention is to set up "the world's data hub".

Currently, Data Protection and Digital Information Bill is paused and the second reading has not been announced. This legislation is, as it seems, paused and awaiting the government's assessment and review. We understand that the government is working with stakeholders to ensure a new bespoke British data protection framework that is business and consumer-friendly and planning to achieve it by amending the Bill.

We anticipate that the new year will bring us new legislation which will be more understandable for our clients whilst still protecting their customer's data.

Family Law in 2023 - No-Fault Divorces, Surrogacy and Digital Solutions

As family law continues to evolve, experts predict that 2023 will shift towards a more conciliatory approach to divorce and a greater emphasis on alternative dispute resolution. However, the economic recession may lead to a decrease in divorce applications, and there may be pitfalls for those who begin divorce proceedings without seeking legal advice.

The use of digital portals and remote hearings is also expected to continue. Additionally, there may be developments in surrogacy laws, with a possible legal framework for pre-birth orders.

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In conclusion, 2023 is shaping into a year of legal changes and developments. Do not let the changes catch you off guard. It is essential to stay informed and seek legal advice to navigate the complexities of the legal climate in the year ahead. Contact us to learn how we can help you navigate the complexities of the legal environment in the year ahead.