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Home Office's Checks on Landlords

The so-called 'Right to Rent' scheme was introduced in the United Kingdom in February 2016. The aim of the scheme is to deny undocumented migrants housing and thus encourage them to leave the United Kingdom. It does this by requiring landlords to check whether someone has the right to be in the UK.

The Home Office requires all landlords to conduct check that new adult tenants have the right to rent before starting a new tenancy. From 1 December, landlords or agents in England may be liable for a civil penalty of up to £3000 or even could be charged with an imprisonable criminal offence if they know, or have reasonable cause to believe, that they are letting to an illegal migrant.

If you are a Landlord or agent in the UK and require assistance either with checking the documents or after receiving penalty from the Home Office, LS Legal Solicitors may assist you with this. We can help you to conduct the 'Right to Rent' checks on your tenants and advise you what of the tenant's documents you need to keep in order to avoid any potential issues with the Home Office. If you are already in a dispute with the Home Office, we may assist you with challenging any of the Home Office civil penalties or criminal charges.

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